Active vacation

Being located 9 nm or 17 km away from Split,Šolta's ideal geographic positionmakes this island a fantastic holiday or one-day excursion destination. Good boat connectionsis one of the reasons why this nearby oasis is among the most favourite and most frequently visitedholiday locations.

Once you have chosen good-quality accommodation that best suits your needs and got the first impression about the island, you are set to embark on your active vacation.

This is what Šolta has to offer in this respect:
Biking, hiking, boating and kayaking, scuba diving with an instructor, and various excursions. Take your pick!


Is there a better way tobe active and relax at the same time? You can explore the inner parts of the island by starting from the coastal villages of Maslinica, Stomorska, Nečujam or Rogač. Or you can head towards the coast in any direction from the picturesque villages at the heart of the island -Grohote, GornjeSelo, SrednjeSelo or DonjeSelo,and make your way throughŠolta'ssouthern bays and olive grovesto discover the turquoise oases and the crystal clear sea. Make sure tovisit some of the lively coastal villages or drop by a neighbouring hamlet, walk through its stone alleys andlearn the secrets of the old houses, peak into tiny local churches, perhaps stumble upon a hidden tavern and treat your palate tothe local cuisine specialties. To get around easier, you can get a map of the island at any local tourist info centre, with marked pathways that will lead you to any of the above locations: the sea, olive groves, and hamlets. Explore your way through the kilometres of island paths and trails!


Biking is most definitely one of the best ways to soak in and enjoy the nature. By relaxing on two wheels one can relate to the nature in a special way, and become one with it. This activity improves our health and relaxes both our body and mind.No other activity is as diverse and more challenging.

Šolta's terrain will satisfy even the most demanding cyclists and give you the pleasure of enjoying the infinite blue scenery, feast your eyes on the bays,open sea and neighbouring islands, ride throughthe new and old olive groves, and explore numerous possibilities that will make your vacation as relaxing and enjoyable as possible, and by all means memorable!

You can take alternative - also mapped - bike routes connecting the island towns and villages. Whether you choose to take the asphalt road from Stomorskato Maslinica,or unpaved but well maintained trails, you will surelyrun across other cyclists. Make sure to wave at them on the way!

The trails will lead you to the sea, alongside olive groves and through the pine wood. An idyllic Mediterranean landscape of the island of Šolta and an unforgettable view from any point will help you relax after a ride and make your experience complete. You can take a break and visit some of the village churches or markets, seek for a delicious snack and awaken your taste buds in some of the taverns or familyfarmsin GornjeSeloand Grohote, or, depending on your mood and fitness, take a riding tour with no breaks. It's all up to you!

Biking is truly for everyone. Return to the intact, beautiful nature, refresh yourselves in one of the southern bays and recharge your batteries. Getting started early in the morning while the air is still cool is the best way to avoid summer heat. Once you have experienced the action, you're only going to want more!

Sea kayaking

The Adriatic Sea is tranquil and clean, particularly in the Šoltan waters, exploring the island landscapes by kayak is an ideal option. You can embark on your adventure from the main beach in Nečujam, where you can rent a kayak. In addition to its unique acoustic properties(Vallissurda, Latin: the Deaf Bay), the big bay (comprising eight coves) offers you a paradise-like scenery only a fewpaddle pulls away. Find out what had intrigued Marko Marulić so muchto make him stay on Šolta and why he would often invite his friends to resttheir eyes and soul in the surreal turquoisesetting of Nečujam'scoves, where the pine wood reflects in the sea, and where Diocletian chose to build a fish pond and spend his rest days in the setting becoming of an emperor.

If you are a fan of kayaking, here's another great suggestion: starting from the main beach in Maslinica,embark on a romantic adventure of exploring the nearby islets and enjoy the most beautiful sunset ever, one that is impossible to imagine – you simply need to experience it!

Scuba diving

Turquoise bays, miles long hiking trails, green pine woods, infinite peace for the soul, and utter beauty and tranquillity.

These are exactly the reasons why many return to our divine island; however, not many have had the chance to dive into a completely different dimension, into adeep blue and even quieter oasis, to explore the beauty of Šolta's depths. The island's scuba diving centres offer you a great opportunity to experience an underwateradventure. As the centre owners are highly experienced scuba divers, truly passionate about the sea andthe underwater world, andfamiliar with the secrets they hide.So make sure to ask for a licensedguide, since we do not recommend you to explore the seabed by yourselves. You can best enjoy and discoverthe beauty of the Šoltan waters knowing that you are in the safe hands of an expert guide.Surround yourself with hundreds of shades of blue, and let the tranquillity of the sea take you back to the primevalbeauty you will never be able to forget.

In Šolta’s vicinity lie sites with sunken ships, and variousother scuba diving locations, which makes the seabed exceptionally attractive for underwater tourism.

Experience and explore some of the amazing scuba diving sites!The southern part of Šolta offers a truly rich underwater world. Steep rocks fall into the depths and are a home to numerous caves and abundant species of flora and fauna, such as corals.

The stunning nature of the Šoltan seabed also reveals the traces of the past times; you can choose to explore ship wreckages, or feel the special magic of night diving. The southern part of the island offers the lovers of sea depths spectacular scenery of the sea life and an unforgettable experience for both the beginner and more experienced divers.