7 awesome things to do on Šolta

1. Kayaking around Maslinica islets

The Adriatic Sea is tranquil and clean, particularly in the Šoltan waters, so exploring the island landscapes by kayak is an ideal option. If you are a fan of kayaking, here's one great suggestion: starting from the main beach in Maslinica (beach Punta), embark on a romantic adventure of exploring the nearby islets and enjoy breathtaking archipelago of Seven islets, referred to as Maslinica's Islands (Maslinički škoji). The Seven islets - Polebrnjak, Stipanska, Saskinja, Grmej, Kamik, Balkun and Rudula are uninhabited but they abound in beautiful pine woods with secluded rocky beaches. Spend a morning enjoying Your own piece of heaven overlooking the Martinis Marchi castle and marina. 

2. Take a walk around the old part of Grohote
Šolta's oldest, largest and most important settlement throughout history was Grohote. It's located in the middle of the island, just 1,5 km away from Šolta's main port - Rogač.  The settlement of Grohote was created in antiquity, as shown by findings of architecture from the Roman period, which can be seen in many places in the village. 
The village is dominated by neo-Renaissance Church of St Stephen built right next to the remains of an Early Christian basilica. Next to the church is an old, picturesque graveyard where the most prominent Croatian poetess of the 20th century – Vesna Parun is buried. 
Walking through the very center of the village you can see Slavić tower, an old castle owned by the noble family from Split, built in the 16th or 17th century. Today the offices of Šolta municipality are housed in Slavić tower. Interesting old Dalmatian architecture is still a presence in the old center of Grohote, good example is Bratska kuća (Fraternity House) where the tourist office, a library and a gallery are situated. 
3. Shipwreck snorkeling
Beneath the sea around Šolta island lay many rusted remains of once great ships. Most of them are within reach with a scuba tank and certification, but some of them require nothing more than a diving mask, a snorkel and a pair of flippers to explore. In Mala Maslinica bay (one of the 8 coves of Nečujam) lies one shallow shipwreck that became a popular tourist spot. Ship that once proudly sailed the seas carrying passengers is now a home for amazing marine creatures such as fish, crabs, algae, sponges and corals. Check it out!
4. Enjoy a cup of coffee in Stomorska

Stomorska, a village cosily nested in the north-eastern part of the island, is 12 km away from the main port of Rogač. The view of the picturesque waterfront, stunning beaches and fishermen selling their catch in the early morning right by an exclusive yacht docked nearby, seems like something one can only see in a postcard. The place is a perfect blend of opposites: old stone houses, sailing boats and ‘kaići’ (small wooden fishing boats) docked only a few metres away, and Dalmatian taverns. Grab a good book or a good friend and feel like a regular at any of these taverns around this small fishermen's village and enjoy Your morning coffee. 

5. See an exhibition
To nurture numerous artists on the island and their exquisite work, recognized both outside of Šolta or still developing within the Šolta borders, the Cultural Informative center of the Municipality of Šolta and the Šolta Art association organize exhibitions of Šolta's artists in a small charming gallery in the ‘’Bratska Kuća’’  in the center of Grohote. The exhibitions are open for visitors  every day (July and August) and entrance is free, so if you are nearby make sure to stop by! You can find the exhibition itinerary and working hours within the events program on the Island of Šolta. 
When in Grohote You can also visit Buktenica & Buktenica Gallery. Situated at the centre of Grohote, this gallery represents artistic space with a permanent exhibit of the two most famous painters of Šolta´s naive art: Eugen Buktenica Đenko and his heir Vicko Buktenica.
6. Spend a day in a secluded bay on the south side of the island
Šolta is an island yet to be discovered – its southern bays are a true gem and a must-see! The more or less indented, turquoise oases are ideal for single day excursions, exploration adventures, bathing, swimming, fishing or snorkeling. Šolta's southern part is a true treasure for boaters, hikers, inquisitive souls, islanders… On the route from Maslinica in the south-west, all the way to the other end of the island one can find a number of hidden coves alongside the entire southern side. 
The bays are often not accessible by car, the best option to reach them is by hiking or biking (or by boat). Some of them are connected to Grohote and Gornje Selo by macadam roads, but parking is often lacking in bays so if You wish to spend Your day laying on Šolta's most beautiful pebble beaches we advise You to go there by foot. It's worth it, we promise. 
7. Sip local wine

When on vacation, a glass of wine on your balcony overlooking the sea sounds enticing, doesn’t it?  And if you know that the wine in your glass is grown and made only on this island, it sounds even better. It's true – Šolta has its authentic variety of wine called Dobričić, an old Dalmatian variety with unique qualities. It has been scientifically proven that this variety is one of the parents of Plavac Mali (the other parent is kaštelanski Crljenak, also know as Zinfandel), one of the best known red grape varieties in Croatia.

Make sure to taste Šolta through this authentic variety, learn more about it and see for yourself how this limited quantity wine is made on the local family-run farms.