Šolta is an island yet to be discovered – its southern bays are a true gem and a must-see! The more or less indented,turquoise oases are ideal for single day excursions, exploration adventures, bathing, swimming, fishing, etc. As soon as you move away from the shore, you will be stunned by the powerful, dark blue open sea that can take you to the nearby islands of Vis and Hvar.

Šolta's southern part is a true treasure for boaters, hikers, inquisitive souls, islanders… On the route from Maslinica in the south-west, all the way to the other end of the island, the capes close to the island of Brač and Livka Bay in the south-east, one can find a number of hidden coves alongside the entire southern side. The series continues on the northern side of Šolta, too.

Southern bays
Šešula bay

Šešula Bay – this indented bay in the immediate vicinity of Maslinica is a true nautical treasure. Its natural relief is such that it can protect boats from the northern wind 'bura' and the southern wind 'jugo', which makes it one of the most favourite bays in the Central Dalmatian archipelago. You can also reach it on foot, by car or by bike. As you approach it, you will be mesmerised by the stunning view. It also boasts a superb gastronomic offer your taste buds will not be able to resist, so be sure to visit one of the two restaurants - Šišmiš and Šešula.

Poganica Bay - this small bay located south-west of Šešula accommodates a beautiful little beach and one house alone. It is ideal as an anchorage haven during 'bura' blasts. Like most of the bays, you can also reach it on foot by macadam path. It boasts a gravel beach surrounded by the idyllic, intact nature and aromatic herbs native to the Mediterranean region. A walk from the end of the path to the very bay takes about ten minutes. The trail is as impressive and mysterious as a tunnel, which makes it ideal for all of those with the Robinson Crusoe spirit.

Zaglav bay

Zaglav Bay – this romantic, turquoise bay with only a few small stone houses can be reached by boat or by village footpath from Grohote. It is also called Vela Luka.

Tatinja bay

Tatinja Bay - an ideal place for a day's excursion and a quiet rest. It has a few small beaches, and it is heaven forcliff divers. The tranquil, crystal clear turquoise sea is protected against both northern and south-eastern winds. In the midst of the bay protrude two rocks, reminiscent of two islets. You can reach the bay on foot from Grohote – by macadam path, and by bike. If you choose to visit it by boat, it is useful to know that the anchorage is at the depth of 5-10 m. Jorja Bay is the next closest bay.

Jorja Bay accommodates one house only, and you can reach it by village footpath. It boasts a small pebble beach and is perfect for a swim. Given the quite large anchorage area, the best way to get there is by boat.It offers an equally stunning view both on arrival and departure. In-between these two bays, at an altitude of 64 m, lie the remains of the prehistoric fortress Gradine.

Senjska bay

Senjska Bay is another magical southern bay that can be reached on foot by macadam path from GornjeSelo. Enjoy the peace and quiet while bathing in the crystal clear sea! No wonder the Illyrian queenTeuta liked it so much that she had a fortress (called Gradac) built on the Mir Hill in Senjska, as testified by the remains. Legend says that anytime the fishermenwould have a great catch, they would throw fish towards all four cornersof the world for even better luck next time.

Stračinska Bay – when descending towards the bay on foot or by bike from GornjeSelo, an incredible view will present itself before you, perfect for a great photo once you climb your way up through the thick pine woods. The bay hosts a few small rental houses located on the beach – a true turquoise paradise! A few scattered boats, sprinkled like salt over the still water surface in the summer days. If you go left, you will get to the beach Maložalo, while Veložalo is on the right. The bay also has a small, hidden, white-pebble beach with an interesting name “Di dida pere guzicu” (“Where Grandpa Washes His Bottom”). Once you get there, you will spot the stone image that says it all!It is perfect for a multi-day stay on the boat. The anchorage is at the depth of some 7m, but the bay is not perfectly safe for anchoring during 'jugo' blasts. The same gulf hosts the Sajtija Bay with a few houses; the sea here is incredibly translucent and clear, offering a stunning view of the island of Vis from in-between the two bays.


Livka – it is located near the Split Gates and is closest to the island of Brač. You can reach it by macadam path from Gornje Selo, and some of its outer parts by car, too. In its vicinity is Cape Bad,where you can rent a secluded house and enjoy the beauty in peace. The anchorage is at the depth of 10 m. Because of the boats passing through the Split Gates, it can get quite wavy during the day. The bay is not safe for boaters when southern winds blow.

Northern bays
Donja Krušica

Donja Krušica - Donja and Gornja Krušica are two beautiful bays, once home to small fishing ports. Today they are peaceful oases, perfect for all those who are looking for a good rest. They are located in the oppositenorthern parts of the island, as their very names say (Gornja – Upper, Donja – Lower).GornjaKrušica is situated in the upper northern part, i.e. north-east towards the island of Brač, while DonjaKrušica is located in the lower northern part, north-west towards Maslinica.

Donja Krušica can be reached by a narrow road from Donje Selo, by car, by bike or on foot. Once you have reached this beautiful bay, you can enjoy bathing in the crystal clear sea. There are no restaurants there; you can enjoythe quiet atmosphere in one of the apartments offered by the kind hosts. The bay offers a typical Mediterranean scenery – old stone houses right by the waterfront and numerous small boats. It is ideal for all those who wish to enjoy a peaceful summer; you will immediately feel like you haveentered a scene from an old Dalmatian postcard.

Gornja Krušica

Gornja Krušica - Below Vela Straža, the highest point of the island, lies Gornja Krušica surrounded by thick pine woods reflecting in the sea. It can be reached on foot from GornjeSelo or by road or sea from Stomorska. This emerald-sapphire oasis is heaven for swimmers, tourists, inhabitants and boaters. Once a small fishermen’s village with old stone houses, it has to date kept its old charm, and the newly built houses offering private accommodation have not in the least bit spoilt its appearance and peacefulness. It is precisely this combination that makes it so appealing. There are no restaurants or shops in the village, so if you choose to spend your vacation in an apartment or a house in GornjaKrušica, you will truly enjoy the peaceful ambience, the sun and the sea.


Stomorska - With an ‘old spirit’ and the hint of modernity, this village is favourite among boaters, tourists, excursionists, and islanders. It is perfect for a vacation, as it boasts beaches with showers on both sides from the centre of the village. In-between are smooth, flat plateaus, ideal for sunbathing, and rocks, ideal for diving. If you long for a refreshment, you can go to the beach in VeliDolac, where there is a beach bar. If you head right, down the waterfront, you will surely find a perfect spot for sunbathing, whether on the beachĐiga oron the rocks stretching alongside the entire promenade. If you long for some peace and quiet, go further down Cape Pelegrin and you will find a number of coves. Pick your favourite spot to enjoy the sun and the sea!


Rogač is the main island port. Besides visiting the main beach, it is worth 'stretching your legs' for a five- or 20-minute easy walk to reach either of the two beautiful beaches. There you can relax and enjoy the sea and the sun, while forgetting whether you will make it to the last ferry boat if you are a one-day visitor.


Nečujam is a big bay hiding eight coves and a perfect place to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. Coves can be reached by boat, kayak or on foot, and some of them by bike or by taking a swim. There are houses to rent, where you can enjoy the peace and quiet. Visit Šumpjivina, Potkamenica, Mala Maslinica and Piškera...Discover the magic that more than five centuries ago enchanted the poet Marko Marulić so much that he would invite his friend PetarHektorović and noblemen from Split tovisit him. It can still be felt there and today attracts numerous tourists, hikers, swimmers, boaters and scuba divers.

Visit Piškera cove and indulge in a medicinal mud bath or try your luck fishing. Remember that the Roman emperor Diocletian enjoyed this, so why shouldn't you? The remains of his fishpond are still there, waiting to be explored.


The main beach in Maslinica has seen major improvements and is now a true gem. During the first days of vacation, while you're still relaxing from work and gathering the energy to explore the nearby coves and secluded places, this beach will be perfect for you to rest and enjoy a spectacular view of the islets. Rent a kayak or a small boat to explore the islets, you'll surely love it! When it gets too hot basking in the sun, refresh yourself ina nearby beach bar. There you can also find beach amenities and enjoy your time at the sea..

On the way to Maslinica (from the direction of Donja Krušica) there are a few coves accessible by sea. The only sandy beach on the island is situated in Šipkova cove, and you can reach it by car or on foot. It looks fantastic in the photos taken by visitors and often posted on Instagram. Is it really so, or is it even more beautiful? See for yourself!