Donje Selo

Donje Selo is a picturesque, typical Mediterranean hamlet located by the main island road, near Srednje Selo.

Pay a short visit to the village on your way from Grohote to Maslinica or vice versa. Stroll through its stone-paved alleys and discover its secret corners. Today, it has an air of loveliness and simplicity due to a considerable number of stone houses restored for holiday renting.

We suggest you to go for a walk or ride along the biking trail,an alternative route to Maslinica, starting from Grohote and passing through Srednje Selo and Donje Selo.

There is also a tiny road leading from the village to the beautiful bay of Donja Krušica. Its inhabitants once made a living from fishing and farming. Today, they are mainly focused on producing olive oil and wine, while fishing became a hobby. With an increasing interest in tourism, Donja Krušica is gradually becoming a tourist destination that attracts more and more tourists each year.

The settlement dates back from the period of Antiquity. Numerous archaeological finds, such as the remains of a villa rustica, the walls of a rectangular building with a floor mosaic, discovered on the upland of Gradine, ancient stone mounds and graves, and the remains of the foundations of the early Christian church of St. Jela from the 6th century testify to the old times. The first historical records of the settlement date back to the beginning of the 16th century.

Here you can find the churches of St. Martin and St. Jela. The Parish Church of St. Martin is an old cemetery church that has seen several refurbishments over the years.

The inhabitants of Donje Selo have preserved a long tradition of venerating St. Martin. Archaeologists have found a record titled 'The Letter of St. Martin, Bishop of the City of Tours', of unknown age, which has been preserved owing to a pastor's transcript from the 19th century. The veneration of St. Martin on the island represents a valuable part of the related cross-European cultural heritage. The 'Foot of St. Martin' was attached to the Confraternity House in Donje Selo on 3 July 2010 to mark Šolta's joining the European Cultural Route 'Saint Martin of Tours'.

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