Nečujam is situated in the northern part of the island, just short of 9 miles from Split.

It is located in the biggest bay on Šolta and is the island's youngest settlement, gravitating towards the central beach overlooked by a large apartment resort, owing to which Nečujam used to be one of the most famous destinations on the Adriatic coast before the 1990-ies.

Its tranquillity and green vistas inspired some of Croatia's greatest poets, namely Marko Marulić and Petar Hektorović. The house where Marko Marulić was staying still stands in the very centre of the village.

Many consider Nečujam the most beautiful bay of the island of Šolta. It comprises eight coves: Bok Supetra, Šumpjivina, Podkamenica, Maslinica, Tiha, Bok od rata, Piškera and Supetar.

The construction of contemporary weekend houses and a tourist resort has turned Nečujam into a modern tourist destination; however, one thing has remained unchanged through the centuries: its name. Its Latin name Vallissurda or the Deaf Bay stems from the very size of the Nečujam bay, where any sound gets muffled and turned into a whisper. Beautiful beaches on both sides of the bay and in the coves, and a long seafront promenade will enchant you any time of the year. The best option in the hot summer days is to find refreshment in the translucent, crystal clear sea and take a rest in the shadow of a pine wood. The astonishing nature is what makes this place a true paradise.

Marko Marulić described Nečujam with the following lyrics:
“You know I live on an island, not too far away,
Just nine miles away from the town.
And if my friends wish to keep me company,
Or savour this blissful countryside peace,
In less than seven hours
A boat will bring them here, where I dwell alone.”

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