Srednje Selo

Srednje Selo is a tiny settlement by the road between Grohote and Donje Selo, nested on the mild slopes of the northern side of Sridnje polje.

According to the earliest historical records, it was founded in the Middle Ages, unlike the majority of other island settlements that can be traced back to the period of Antiquity. Today the smallest and the least populated settlement, it was oncea home to farmers, olive and vine growers who farmed the land in Šoltansko polje stretching below. Stone houses clinging one to another and the now abandoned village school witness the times when far more people lived here. Similar to other Šolta's settlements, its irregular stone-paved alleys form a number of dwelling units, among which Purtića dvor and Lukin dvor stand out for their remarkable environmental value.

Unfortunately, many interesting examples of vernacular architecture are dilapidated or have even fallen into ruin, so a thorough restoration of the abandoned and decayed houses is needed in order to preserve the original settlement.

Nevertheless, the village has a certain charm. Make use of a sunny day and take a walk or the biking trail from Grohote to Srednje Selo, pass through Donje Selo and go all the way to Maslinica.

Settlement accommodation