Taste Šolta

A Map of Flavours of the Island of Šolta
(Flavours of Šolta and Where to Taste Them)

An old proverb says that love goes through the stomach. When you come to Šolta, its breath-taking nature and relaxed island lifewill sweep you off your feet, while its flavours will make you want to extend your stay and create long-lasting memories. Only a sip of Dobričić, wine made from the indigenous island grapes, will be enough to bring magic to your palate and ignite the flames of love.

Some twenty years ago, Californian explorers crossed the ocean in order to find the origin of the Californian most popular and world-renowned wine variety Zinfandel.One of the best connoisseurs of the island's flavours and a true wine lover told us that their search brought them to beautiful Šolta, where they shared a few wine secrets with us. This was by no means accidental – Californian Zinfandel originates from the Dalmatian variety Crljenak of Kaštela. The mix between Dobričić and Crljenak resulted in Plavac mali, one of Croatia's most popular and acclaimed varieties. If you wish to truly feel the island spirit, keep exploring the rhapsody of flavours nurtured by the unspoiled nature. Treat your palate to other native flavours!

Šoltais great to visit in any season! You are always welcome. We will now do our best to make sure that you geta vivid impression of delicious island cuisine and everything that summer has to offer, so that you will impatiently wait to indulge in the flavours of Šolta.

Don’t' wait for the summer, visit our island and enjoy long walks, cycling or olive-picking, depending onyour preferences.

Just like the rest of us, when the summer comes you will be eager to dive into the sea and replenish your energy with a delicious meal seasoned to your taste.

Grilled fish, caught in the local waters while you were still fast asleep, is best served with olive oil. Šolta is famous for its superb, extra-virgin olive oil produced from two widely-known varieties: Levantinka (also known as Šoltanka) and Oblica.

'Liquid gold'is more than just an expression – in addition to having won several gold medals for its exquisite flavour and appearance resembling gold, it is also known for its therapeutic properties. Pour gold over the grilled fish and salad made from the freshly picked vegetables from your host's garden or a local market place and enjoy your meal!

We are proud to say that the European Commission acknowledged its excellence and specificity. Upon completion of the procedure at the EU level, the Commission issued a regulation whereby the name 'Šoltansko maslinovo ulje' was entered into the Register of Protected Designations of Origin and Protected Geographical Indications.

Now that you have eaten your delicious dinner and are relaxing in your chair, watching the sea and listening to the murmur of the waves, treat yourself to a glass of red wine. Cheers! It's excellent, right? You have just tasted Dobričić, our lead character in the story of the flavours of Šolta. It is made from indigenous island grapes,andits many properties,like the dark red colour with purple reflexion,make it a unique wine variety in Dalmatia.

Grapes ripen on the island's poorsoil thanks to a large number of sunny days. Not many grapes of this variety have been preserved, but extreme efforts are being made to revitalise it. Take advantage of your stay to get a bottle or two froma family farm cellar, but hurry, since the quantity of produced wine is rather limited. Nevertheless, its flavour and quality are superb, as you will learn from your hosts while tasting this very peculiar variety and other secret flavours that small family farms can offer.

Would you like something sweet for dessert, like a slice of carob cake, fritters or paradižot? All of these are traditional Dalmatian desserts, which your host or a chef will kindly prepare for youin one of the secluded island taverns.

Sweet, healthy, tasty and eternal- the honey of Šolta makes part ofthe traditional range of island flavours, but at the same timetells a story of its own: it is a medicine and a sweet treat often found in potions and desserts. The tradition of bee-keeping goes way back to the ancient times, as does the reputation of the island's tasty wild rosemary honey. Locally called Olintio,it has been known since the period of Antiquity, when the Roman historian Pliny recorded that our honey had the same flavour as the one from Mount Hymettus(near Athens), which at the time was highly valued for its remarkable quality. Visit our bee-keepers and you will see what we are talking about…Make sure to take home a jar of this miraculous treasure.

Now let's get back to your dinner under the starry sky. We forgot to mention earlier that you can season your grilled fish with a pinch of wild rosemary to give it a final touch. Wild marjoram is another tasty condiment you can pick for seasoning a salad or some other dish.

We are quite sure that you will be more than happy to take with you a handful of tasty souvenirs. Family farm owners across the island make tasty liqueurs and jams from island plants and fruit, which you take home with you and enjoy the island flavours with all your senses long after the summer has ended.