Welcome to the island of Šolta!

The Island of Šolta is situated near Split, and, with only 9 nautical miles of distance and 6 ferry lines and 1 speedboat line per day during the season between them, has become practically a suburb of Split. Visit us if you’re near by- swap the perpetually crowded roads leading to cramped city beaches for a ferry ride, cool down on its deck and, in less than an hour, arrive at a destination with christal clear sea, numorous pebble beaches not busy with bathers, with realistic and affordable prices and where no one will bother you shouting “Zimmer frei!”.

Tanned, salty and calm, leave the beach and head over to one of the numerous family-run farms on the island, and learn of the art of making oil, wine and honey. Doesn’t a glass of Dobričić wine, drunk in the same cellare it’s made, served with olive pate made with olives from Šolta and anchovies in golden, award-winning olive oil sound absolutely enticing?

See you on Šolta!

Apartments & rooms

Where to stay during your vacation on the island known for its beauty, nature, and peace? Find accommodation to suit your needs.


The very thought of pristine nature and its green and blue oases will make you eager to visit Šolta and treat yourself to one of its world-famous treasures: honey known for its therapeutic properties, protected extra-virgin olive oil or superb red wine made from indigenous island grapes! Find out more about the flavours of Šolta and have an unforgettable experience.

How to reach Šolta?

It will not take you long - an hour (by ferry) or only a half an hour (by catamaran) to get from Split to Šolta, an oasis of unspoiled nature.

Beaches and coves

Explore and relax! Dive into the beauty of many bays on the southern side of the island! Take a swim or try your luck fishing in turquoise oases. Enjoy the view, the nature, beauty and peace of its beaches – perfect spots to relax and get some rest. Don't hesitate to explore them!

Boating and sailing

Šolta will undoubtedly be one of the must-see destinations on your nautical chart. Spend some time in the beautiful marina in Maslinica, find out why boaters are so fond ofStomorska or sail around the island and enjoy the beauty of its southern bays!

Active vacation

Explore what Šolta has to offer! Its ideal geographical position (only 9 nautical miles or 17 kilometres from Split) makes it a fantastic destination for a longer vacation or a one-day trip. With frequent boat connections, this oasis is just within reach! This is what Šolta has to offer in this respect:biking, hiking, boating and kayaking, scuba diving with an instructor, and various excursions. Take your pick!


Winemakers of the island of Šolta - wine routes on the beautiful island

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02 08.2022.

Morning stroll trough Šolta's oldest village

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30 08.2021.

One day on the island

September is ideal for exploring "Šolta, a little piece of heaven near Split". Here is our suggestion how to spend one day on the island.

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